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Desperate to give uavs a go but worried I havnt got the time.(wife and kids) I've been flying for 20 years all sorts of craft. Currently on fpv.
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Got a 90 size gasser that I would love to turn into a uav project. Would love to be able to reach a level where waypoint navigation from my laptop is reliable.

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  • Colin

    Hi Alex,

    I did get my tricopter flying on the APM1. It wasn't nearly as good as the KK board though. Aero mode wasn't worth trying, but stabilize was manageable. I had to turn all the D terms to zero. Others were rate_p 0.118 stab_p 5.5 and stab_yawP 7.6 - this is on an RCExplorer tricopter.

    The tri was jerking a lot though, every 2 or 3 seconds I think... putting on a five degree roll or pitch and back again. Also the yaw felt sloppy.

    I managed to break my GPS and needed my APM for the T3 contest on fixed wing, so I've put the tri down for now. I think it needs a lot of work

    Please let me know if you have any better luck!!


  • Andrew Howell

    Hi Alex.  Please contact Andrew Howell of BCB International Ltd, or 07970 852488