• “Bad LIDAR Health” where i could find RNGFND_LANDING

    Hi allI using a Pixracer 15I try to use a MinLiDAR and a get “Bad LIDAR Health” I found that if I set the RNGFND_LANDING =1 the warning gone but I can’t found the parameter RNGFND_LANDING.I use framework 3.6.7or have other idea?

    By Fco Campos

  • Dronekit.io site down, someone have a backup

    When i try to entered to the site Dronekit.io show a error. I Ioooking for more information and code examples, I making a drone with pixrace + RPi + openmv and i want to join them with Dronekit python but i cant found info in the git se t me to the dronekit.io for more info, i dont know if someone…

    By Fco Campos

  • Fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Where should the relative position of the aerodynamic center and the center of gravity of the fixed wing UAV be for static longitudinal stability and why?My general moment calculation says that the aerodynamic center should lie ahead of the center of gravity so that the lift produced gives a nose…

    By Ujwal Dhakal

  • TL8X018 PDB mounting suggestions

    I know there are infinitely more intelligent people out here who can possibly help me. I am building a Tarot T18 octacopter. I figure a nice clean wiring solution would be nice so I purchased the Tarot TL8X018 PDB which seemed logical that it would fit given the size of the T18 but as I have now…

    By Ron Ebenstein

  • Octocopter Transmitter Set Up

    I want to set up a Turnigy 9x or FlySky TH9x or Devention Devo 7 to operate an octocopter using Pixhawk 2.8.4 flight controller. I am a complete novice on transmitter setups can anyone help or point me to a wiki

    By Bruce Ardern

  • DJI Phantom Pixhawk Build

    I am currently planning to build a PixHawk powered Phantom. I know this has been done before in some regards, but I wanted to share my process and build as I move forward. Here is the list of parts and links:RTF OPERA QUAD…

    By UAS_Pilot

  • Legacy source code for Ardupilot w/Atmega328

    I have been searching the web, -to no avail - for the latest source code for the Ardupilot board with Atmega 328.Can someone send me a link to a download site or point me on how to get it?thanks in advance!…

    By Miguel Sepulveda

  • how to choose battery for my drone? help please

    Hello guys!I'm a new beginner in uav field. My project is to build a Drone for inpection in aviation. I would like to know how to choose a good battery for my drone. I've seen many videos in which people explain how to choose it but i'm not sure to understand it all.So here is my configurationtype…

    By srz 007

  • Free Music / SFX Resource for Drone Videos - Over 1800 Tracks

    Hi everyone, I've created over 1800 tracks of music and sound effects that you can freely use in your videos. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage. Soundimage.org…

    By Eric Matyas

  • Remote calibration software for pc

    Hi all. I currently have a splash drone 3 and have decided to convert all the internal hardware to DJI. Everything works perfectly but the only hickup I have is that my normal and return to home toggle switch is out of calibration on the DJI assistant software. Is there any way to re-calibrate or…

    By Henco