• Current and Voltage Sensor

    Hey out there.Wondering if anyone out there has a cirucit diagram for a 100 amp current sensor and voltage sensor.I have a drone that I want to integrate voltage and current sensing into the pdb thats on the machine, I designed the PDB and now want to upgrade it with sensing.Any input would be…

    By Richard Gardner

  • Pixhawk integration with Marvelmind

    Hello all!I'm new where :)I recently bought an taro 650 frame and all his components, and i'm joining together with marvelmind to get indoor "fake" gps.I finally got that working, but the altitude is always wrong. In the marvelmind's dashboard the altitude is stable and correct, but in the mission…

    By Sergio Vinha

  • Dragonlink v3 Bluetooth connection to Mavutil

    All,  Appreciate the help here.  Having quite a bit of trouble attempting to connect Mavlink telemetry over Bluetooth serial.  Someone must to have tried this (run a Mavproxy GCS with the latest Dragonlink).  See all the nitty gritty details here and let me know if you have any experience or…

    By Jeremy Stromsoe

  • Flasher dongle to extract flight data from drone

    HI, I need to extract flight logs from my drone's (DJI Spark and Parrot)  black box, I have heard about kind of flasher dongle that has that capability. Is anyone here know about that thing?Thxs

    By Joao Shuga

  • Telemetry and HD video over 4G

    I am successfully using a 4G LTE network connection to send bidirectional telemetry AND HD (1280X1024 / 25fps) Video from my drones.  The video is perfect, the telemetry is perfect - regardless of range (assumes 4G is available).  I use my cell phone as a hotspot and connect using MISSION PLANNER…

    By Charles Linquist

  • Performing HIL Simulation with Custom Firmware

    Hi,I am interested in doing hardware-in-the-loop simulation with my ArduPilot Mega 2.5.  We are developing a new controller architecture and I have implemented it in some firmware changes I've made.When I look for information about HIL simulation, I mostly see people download a version of the…

    By Jon Mullen

  • Standalone U-Blox NEO M8N tester and Types

    Hi,I have few questions for experts:1. Has anyone came across a U-Blox M8N GPS tester in the past? Looking for a stand alone solution without using any PixHawk or APM.2. I believe the U-Blox can be directly connected to a laptop and use U-Center software to test it using USB to TTL converter. Has…

    By iSkyMaster

  • what version of pfod use ?

    Hello everyone,I finally finished to construct the ardumower. Compiled the ardumower code with just sonar : the mower have a good behavior.To go more far i would like to read data (same as when the arduino is connected by usb and we can see values in the output serial :ctrl M ) and perhaps control…

    By Mikiko Anhoco

  • 3.6.7 installed and tested- drone crashed- firmware issue or battery or something else…unable to find out!

    Incident: drone took up manually, went to the first waypoint in auto mode, then suddenly flipped (30m alt) and crashed on the ground while aggressively rotating upside down. Still not sure why it happened !!Attaching the .bin file. Some observations(graphs attached):Event file is very interesting…

    By d.rones

  • fixed wing calculation speed by gyro

    I would like to share a little formulav= 9.8/gz*gy/gz/sqrt((gy/gz)^2+1)where gz yaw speed and gy pitch speed and v is glider speed... obviously with gz!=0 I think it's funny...

    By eduardo