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Reach RTK vs Piksi?


I've been reading lots of forums and posts out there about RTK, affordable equipment like Reach RTK and Piksi, but Piksi seems it requires lots of configuration and according to some posts lots of things could go wrong, and as for the Reach RTK

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Rover Navigation Question

Hi, I'm a newbie configuring a Rover to follow waypoints, i'm using a Pixhawk + 3DR GPS to guide it, and it does a good job overall but I'm trying to understand why my rover isn't going in straight lines rather than weaving all over. I'm getting 14 s

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WayPoints issue in APM 2.8 Rover. PLEASE HELP

I'm having a bit of a problem with WayPoints, when creating WPs in Mission Planner and I send them up to the APM 2.8 and those are uploaded successfully, the issue is when I read the WayPoints back to confirm they are okay, most of them are off, show

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