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Heading lock ? (yaw hold)



During my last flight I remember that the arducopter kept on yaw-ing randomly (not strong yaw), it was a windy day...

It yawed both in GPS hold and in non-GPS hold modes.


should it do that ?

is there any way or mode in which it keeps the heading fi

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Transmitter calibration doesn't save ?

i have done the transmitter calibration with the configurator,

all seems ok and it gets the right values and positions,

i hit save,

but then when i disconnect and reconnect the copter to USB, the "transmitter" screen in the configurator screen shows all

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just got 4S lipo with 1 cell empty 0v !!!

i got a 4800mah off ebay

it is half transparent and indeed you can see 4 cells inside.

the balance plug reads 3.85v for each of the 3 first cells, and 0.05v for the last cell.

the main wires reads 11.5v....


which is clearly the 4th cell is totally empty

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Balancing props

i have the cheaper EPP black type 12x45 props from jDrones,

as i mounted one of the on the motor, it's clear it needed to be balanced.


as a temporary method i put electrical tape on top of one of the prop's sides,

it did the job and i could reduce the

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Sonar protocol and compatibility

I have an ultrasonic sensor SR04




the way it works is: you send a pulse on the leg, then it will send 8 ultrasonic waves, wait for echo, and then output a pulse on the same leg, the length of the pulse defines the distance measurement.

(you see trig a

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Arducopter modes - confused : how to select ??


regarding the copter flight modes -

one place tells me to connect two channels AUX (on\off) and a combination of them allows 4 flight modes - manual, altitude hold, position hold OR altitude&position hold.


another place tells me that selection is d

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Got ELECTRONICS ! some questions...

So i've soldered the electronics (APM+IMU off DIYDRONES)


ive uploaded the RC2 code,

enabled the magnetometer in the code,

used CLI for the offsets, all works,


ArduCopter - Current settings
Firmware: 1.54

Magnetom. offsets (x,

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