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Moderator Blog Approval


I saved the draft of a part written new blog earlier and subsequently found it had been approved and published.

I have deleted the blog but seems like that should not have happened?


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MediaTek - ArduPilot - Imu

Can anyone tell me what the standard for the MTK is supposed to be.


I ordered 4xmtk gps units. I still need to investigate why one gets a fix and the other 3 do not.


Before I rip out Jordis firmware from the mtk (if it exists) I would appreciate an u

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Idea: Copilot II and ArduPilot "Plug & Play"

I have worked out a way to use a standard CoPilot II system combined with a simple ArduPilot board and GPS (No IMU or Thermopiles)


I would appreciate feed back as to possible invasion of CoPilot II copyright





The CoPilot II does not currentl

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Help with understanding the meaning of GCS items?

I've converted the windows Avionics Controls Demo that I blogged about recently to ArduPilot format.


It turns out to be a good experiment for my mini gound station project.

I could do with some help deciding which values should be displayed



For examp

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Text Missing Line Terminator #if GPS_PROTOCOL != 3


In my copy of 2.6 I have added the line in bold below.


It is minor but makes it easier to read the telemetry in custom ground stations and also appears to be consistent with the other GCS serial pack

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IMU v2 + ArduPilot + EM406 + Print Binary??

I've been trying to follow the manual and threads concerning this config but I'm having problems. I think I have the hardware configured correctly,


I see the expected calibration/status lights and get good serial text mode readings individually from

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