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Powering a device from pixhawk

Hi All - sorry if this is a simple question but I need to power a small LORA radio board from my pixhawk. I need 3.3v and I'd like to be able to make this 'plug and play' from the pixhawk (3DR version) if at all possible. Any ideas?



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UgCS with pixracer

Has anyone used UgCS with pixraxer-based UAVs? Just about to start a build and any tips on firmware versions etc... that make this work would be appreciated. My intent is to create a number of small quads running pixracer boards that can be controlle

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Logging in DJI GO 4 while flying in UgCS

Hi all,

wondering if anyone else has this issue and might now the answer? I'm using UgCS for DJI on a Lenovo Tab 3 running android 5.1, and this is the only android device we have, everything else is apple (I bought it expressly to use with UgCS). Whe

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Sending sensor data to ground station

Hi - I'm looking for some help with a project. I want to fit environmental sensors (O2, CO2, H2S etc) to a UAV and have the data transmitted via the telem radios to a ground station for display. I've seen a couple of older posts about this type of th

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UgCS for DJI app

I went and got an android tablet specifically to run the UgCS for DJI app since I am a mac user and run an ipad for everything else with my drones (and realised too late I needed a tablet app to use UgCS, my own fault). Now I try to download the app

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