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The world is entering in a temporal crisis.

Now the colaborative economy and tecnological comunities are more

neded than ever.

 in Spain a big group of makers and experts have created in a few weeks a very neded product in thease days for people wih expecial neds

because is cheap, and fast to build, the proces is almost finishing with the aprovals of Spain health autorities.. you can check that heare..:

But the main reasson i post heare...

A demand of cargo drones with capacity under 10kg just skyroket..

Some teams already are working on it, me and some people are preparing this projet now days.

With ardupilot its perfectly possible to build a cargo drone for medicines,

food, special items neded in industry to repair manufacture chains etc..

With Ardupilot everyone can build a cargo drone without neded of beeing an expert. please check:

We ned more than ever that comunities like this one stil alive.

We ned more than ever that all opensource manufactures still alive

We ned a coordinate action to keep the logistics of the world runnig

 despite of the virus, and drones are a fantastic solution

And finaly but not least we ned companies like mrobotics still alive and

manufacture good quality products please chek

So thank you for you atention, and remember be calm, work fast

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Drone with Articulating Arms

The ideas have no value, the important thing is the execution....

A few years ago, I came up with a solution to move loads with drones efficiently,

which consisted in articulating the arms of the drone, as the load moved out of this...

This in order to keep the thrust center aligned with the center of mass.

I gave much importance in this time to this idea but nobody of my colleges paid attention...

I made a couple of tests with a structure without motors, hanging from the ceiling whith springs controlling that

the tension of each spring was the indicated, the same.

Iḿ not going to mess anymore here i leave a document with the small study i this at that time

and it turned out that the idea was perfectly possible.

The applications that crossed my mind were enormous, perhaps the most striking was,

to grind weeds on the facades as well as the cleaning of these and roofs, paintig at height,

delivering packages in the window...

all this because the telescopic arm according to my calculations and my scale model could

extend even more than one meter beyond the propellers.

But the really interesting thing is that the drone consumes much less energy in

sustaining the same load, because the engines maintain the same thrust, like the

initial situation...blah blah blah...

For some reason i never started to build it seriously...i returned today to search on the

internet, and surprise :) someone has built it, itś a small prototype, but the idea

is nailed (video above)

Of course this is not an excuse to not continue with the project,
it is much more important the execution of the idea and its team, that the idea
here i leave my pdf :
drone study


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