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Esa unstable after 5 min

Hi. Today I tried to raise my esacottero but as always just overcome the 4-5 minutes of flight when it is perfectly stable, it is beginning to bear alone the repercussions that gradually increases in these times to make him overthrow and then force m

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Assembly first drone

Hello everyone, I am approaching for the first time in the world of drones, and are determined to build one. Turning on the internet I saw a bit 'of projects already made and components used then for my drone I plan to buy these:

-APM 2.6 with case an

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Assemblaggio primo drone.

Ciao a tutti, mi sto avvicinando per la prima volta al mondo dei droni e sono intenzionato a realizzarne uno. Girando su internet ho visto un po' di progetti già fatti e i componenti utilizzati quindi per il mio drone ho in programma di acquistare qu

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