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Canon SX230 - sample pictures

Good evening,

Since couple of time I'm doing some trials using a SX230 camera installed on a X5 wing.

The results seems to be ok, but I need to gain more trust :) that why I need your support regarding good sample pictures done by you.

To be more precis

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Confirmation message -> logs/enable mode

Recently i was trying to enable MODE in the logs menu (CLI of course).  Unfortunately there isn't a confirmation message that can validate you command. For ex. i've attached a screen capture with what i was tring to do. Question : now i have the Mode

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MP 1.0.81 terminal mode problem

Since my laptop isout of business i've moved to my old desktop.

I've copied the MP 1.0.81 but when i'm trying to write something in terminal mode an error appear(screen capture attached).

I've tried to update, same thing.

Flight data mode is working.


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Death flip ---- hexa with 2.0.39

The story : upgraded yesterday  from 2.0.38  to 2.0.39.

Made some indoor test all ok, one hour ago tried to make a outdoor flight (in fact i wanted to do several flights...) , flied for aprox 30 seconds (no simptoms at all) and the tried to get back t

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Ardu "package" stops working

Hy guys,


I have another problem, my ardu "package" stops working.


I tried to connect with usb cable and first time it worked but suddenly it disconnected from arducopter configurator. When i've tried to reconnect nothing happened(the 3 LEDs stop work

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