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APM Planner Force Feedback

I was wondering if there was a way to take accelerometer/gyro values from Mission Planner and send them over serial or usb to an arduino where I could then run servos and vibration motors?  The part I am having trouble figuring out is how I can get l

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How do I tell if new motors are bad?

I recently recieved my 3DR hexacopter kit with the 880kv motors. I recieved two versions of the same motor in the kit. The one version has a small hole on the top frame and a sticker I believe and only does about 3 full turns when I spin it before it

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Arducopter Hull

Has anyone made a hull for their arducopter hull before?  kind of like the ardrone?  I was thinking of making one out of lightweight foam and/or fiberglass.

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Hexacopter Battery Setup

I'm building a 3dr hexacopter with 880kV motors and 11" props.  I'm still at a bit of a loss on what batteries I should get.  I've received a few guidelines, but I was wondering if this setup would work?  If anyone has any other suggestions for batte

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First Arducopter quick questions

I've looked through many posts but still have a few questions....

I've been flying a small quadcopter for a while and I plan on buying my first Arducopter in the next few days.  So far I think I might go with the following setup.

- APM 2.0, no GPS


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