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Quadrotor Test Rigs

I currently have a pedestal setup that's proven to be more of a headache than I previously thought.


The problem I have with it is that the pivot point is always going to be below the center of mass, unless I stick on a couple of counter masses.



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The AirDragon Project (WIP)

Hello all,


As some of you may already know, my pet project for the past couple of months has been what I call the AirDragon, a quadrotor UAV that will eventually be a fully automous robot.


The original specifications for the senior design called for

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Quadrotor Frame Suggestions and Tips

Since there isn't one up already, I decided make a thread here with some tips and suggestions that I come across when building a custom quadrotor from scratch.


Anyone else who has a few tips or suggestions to building custom quadrotors, feel free to

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Submersible Drones

Just wondering what it would take to make a aerial drone (planes, helicopters, quads, etc.) be able to go underwater?


Granted, all of the electronics must be waterproofed, but what about the motors and propellors?


BLDC motors have the advantage over

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