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Hawk power path controler

I am having an issue that  is strange ,  the only I get the 5v power  on the VDD_5V_PERIPH  line is when it is connected to usb cable  and pc. If I connect the power  cable all the lights on the we will  light  up . If I power feed it by the power te

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Beaglebone Black revC

I was reading some info Chris posted about BBB being worked on as a autopilot. In the discussion was mentioned a Pixhawk Fire Cape. Where can I find the Pixhawk Fire Cape. I have been following the build on Beaglepilot site but not finding a lot of i

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A while back I purchased one od the DJI F330 kits with esc's and motors. I had a NAZA control unit so I used it to play around with. When I would fly the quad I would notice when taking off the right front was always lazy about coming up. It says you

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I Think I just blew my APM 2.5

I was setting up ch6 on my 2.5 and accidently plugged my Receiver channel 6 output into the APM 2.5's output 6. Now I can't connect MP to the APM. I no longer get all the flashing lights. I can hit the reset and get some instant flash but no connecti

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3DR version 1 Air module

Quick question guys, I have a 3DR version 1 air telm. module that has 4 wires. I need to find out what the terminals are on the 2.5APM. It looks like the inboard pin is VCC and I assume the outboard pin is ground. I am not having any luck at what the

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Wont connect to Mission Planner

Hello, I am new to ArduCopter world. I Just purchased the Ardupilot 2.5, it arrived yesterday. When I connect it to my computer I can not get it to connect. I can go into the terminal and it will connect and give alot of info on the screen. Can someo

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