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repairing new APM 2.5 - seeking advice.

one of my APM 2.5 - it never flew, fails to init accel. - no red+blue blinking.

I found that the 3v3 line is 4.7v.  , when powered with 5v over USB.

-Disconnected 3v3 regulator output . the 3v3 line is still 4.7 volt.
 - something must be feeding it.


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Altitude not properly reset at startup.

I booted APM - now with stock Plane 2.33 firmware - but this problem existed for a very long time.

Altitude = 0   (real altitude is less than 20meters.)

waited for GPS fix.for several minutes.

Altitude is now 82 meters. (the moment that GPS got fix.)


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