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From 2D to 3D


Hi i´ve been working for a while doing photogrammetry test, and basiclly building the learning curve of me and my workmates.

What i want to share with diydrones community is a very cool process that we completed last week, and is the following:

1)photograph acquisition

2)photograph selecting

3)3D model reconstruction

4)3D model printing

Obviously there is a background process a bit larger, like the planning of the mission and the set up of all the equipment associated to the photogrammetric flight.

After we processed the model in 3D, it was sent to the makerbot 3D printer, and finally we got a physicall model of the terrain. Pretty cool stuff for us.

Greetings from venezuela guys!

PD: The process is on the attatched pics.




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Thalon quad W/ naza-M flight controller


This is the quad that a friend and i are working now.

Its a Turnigy Thalon quad frame, with some mods. It has a pvc tubing landing gear.

Motors are NTM 3530 prop


FC: Naza-M with GPS

ESC HK 40 A opto esc.

It is equiped with the gopro black edition.

battery its 4s 5.8 Ah, zippy compact

I am getting 9 minutes of flight time.

The AUW its 2 kg

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