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Hand-pushed tools to Rovers

I'm trying to help my parents out. They're getting old(er) and having trouble working their gardens. If there's a topic board or group for this, please direct me to them! 

They like using hand tools, so I though I'd try turning some of their things in

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I'm cursed

I want to fly drones, so I bought the iris. It didn't listen half the time and has crashed so much it looks like an IED hit it. I thought I'd learned so I bought a y6 diy kit. It just fell out of the sky with the walkera g 3d gimbal and smashed itsel

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Pixhawk planning abilities

So two questions about the Pixhawk:

  1. is it possible to fly at an angle to the direction of flight using the autopilot
  2. does circle point the nose toward the center of the area or is it forward facing the whole time

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FAA Regulations for UAVs

The FAA website is very difficult to navigate, even for someone experienced in legal research. Does anyone know where the definitions for UAVs are?


Ex: I want to put a camera on an ArduPilot plane and take pictures. Is it possible to build within bo

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Aerial Photography

I'm a survey student who is testing some realy great things here. One project is to put a digital camera on an air-born platform(plane, blimp or rotory craft) and take suvey images and video. I've never built an aircraft before so I need lots of help

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