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Long range telemetry system options

I need a telemetry system for my Mini Talon fitted with a Pixhawk. There are so many options and opinions so I'm struggling to work out what's best. Here's what I want:

Plane will fly autonomously up to 20KM away, not always in line of sight.
I want da

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Skywalker X5 with Pixhawk setup

Just thought I'd share the way I set up my X5 wing.

I've removed the telemetry as the plane has a range of about 30 miles so is usually out of range.

Cruising speed 60mph on half throttle so a mile a minute on autonomous flights. No airspeed sensor - m

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DO_SET_SERVO question

I want my lights to come on at waypoint 2 (see attached screen shot of Mission Planner) and go off at 4.

Waypoint 3 is the DO_SET_SERVO command.

Have I done it correct or is there another command to turn them off again? I am using a receiver controlled

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Compass_ofs settings in plane

Getting ready for my first flight and am not sure about the compass_ofs settings for the x, y and z axis to allow for metal in the plane.

My plane has very little metal in it? Do I set these to zero or is there some way to calibrate or will it self ca

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Altitude question

If I want my plane to fly 100m above the launch site and stay 100m above the ground whether the ground rises or falls (i.e. follow the terrain), do I check both the 'Hold Default Alt' and 'Veryify height' boxes or just the 'Verify Height' box and lea

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