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Beeler UAV Part 10 "IFO" Maiden Flight!

So I have been waiting to fly this geobat plane I built for over a month now. I have previously been too nervice with all my unseccessful RC flights with numerous just RC planes...But today was different, I walked out side, notices little to no wind and thought... TODAY'S THE DAY!


I have both an onboard camera, and a ground camera to see everything thats happening!

Please Enjoy!


The Maiden flight of the Beeler UAV Part 10 "IFO"is above!


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Beeler UAV Dev. Part 7

I am nearing the completion of my UAV build code named "The Predecessor".

This is the drone I will be presenting in front of a panel of judges for 50% of my English grade for the year.

This is a year long research project, where I learned the principles of flight, how drones fly/work, how to design on CAD, building, and flying my original drone.

In this video I will show off my drone as it is today (90% complete!) 



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Gravity Plane as UAV platform?

Alright, so if you watched this, and you thought what I thought then your thinking... (Helium!)
A VTOL using Helium is genius, a little complex by their description.. but the idea is simple enough to mold!
I like the fact that the engines are only running for a short time, to the the plane high enough to glide down, using very little power after the first climb! 
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Beeler UAV drone plans! free! (The Predecessor)




I have received a few messages asking for a more complete blog post about my drone I've designed and am building for my High School senior project!


It took me 3 months to learn CAD, and finish designing everything about this drone, the only part I left out was the skin.. You have to fit the skin your self. I used 1mm depron foam, and over covered the whole wing, then trimmed off the excesses after pinning it to the wings, ext.


I have covered this whole plane in clear packing tape giving the whole plane a nice gloss, and very strong!! Also the carbon fiber rods for the tail booms, and the wing rods are a peice of art all on their own. I used segments of 5mm carbon fiber tubes, using 2-3mm carbon fiber rods to link the rods together.


The main wing section is permanently attached to the fuselage, how ever the wing tips pull off, allowing it to fit in your car.

In case the video dosnt load here's a link:

Material List for drone as shown:

(2) 9mm depron sheets [wings]
(3) 6mm depron sheets [fuselage, wing ribs, formers]
(6-7) 1mm depron sheets [skin]
(4) 5mm carbon fiber round tubes
(1-2) 2mm or 3mm carbon fiber rods
(1) 6mm balsa wood square stick [engine mount, and frame re-enforcement]
(4) Gorilla Glue [dries white 2x faster, perfect glue!]
(3-4) Clear packing tape [overall re-enforcement, also used to mount skin to wings!]
(1) spray can of tacky glue [glue cad plans to foam for accurate cuts]

Predecessor plans zip 1 Should contain all files, please message me if there are any problems!

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Beeler UAV Part 5 (Death of a UAV)


This is the death of my beloved proto-type! =[

The crash was completly pilot error.. I wanted to test how goo the stabilize was by performing an aerobatic manuver, and turning on the stabilize mid trick..

Sadly while planning to do a loop, I turned off the stabilize mode, and a cross wing picked up the wing... (Alt. 50ft, Velocity 40mph?)... not a great idea.. haha

Great news is almost all of the electronics lived!

I am only out a Ublox GPS, 1800mah lipo, and an airframe...

What I've learned out of this crash:

  1. Im a horrible pilot with out a APM helping me.. haha
  2. I should probly protect my GPS, and battery better just in case...
  3. Never underestamate deprom.. I may be missing a nose, and fusaloge, but the wing, and tail was still in good shape!
  4. Never put anything before God! (I slept in, and missed church...)
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Beeler UAV Part 4


This is a design I made my self on CAD.

This design has taken me about 3 months of drawing, and editing to get this awesome design!

I have a few more edits to make to the design before I will share it, mostly just to make asembly easier, nothing major.

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