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Needed a servo travel limit in elevon mixing


I am using the software elevon mixer in the ArduPlane and the problem is there is no maximum servo travel limit like EPA (End Point Adjustment) in any transmitter to ensure that the servo don't go above the limit to not brake the mechanics.

I propo

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Safety switch parameter (request)

To the developers for the future releases.

I would like to see the parameter in MissinPlanner that configure the time from when I press the safety switch to arm/disarm. Something like SFT_SW_DELAY in milliseconds, range 0-4000.

The reason I want this,

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Elevons and additional elevators setup issue

I have an issue with configuring my flying wing setup with the Pixhawk on APM Plane 3.2.3.
The flying wing has two elevons (green) and additional two elevators (red).


I want that the elevons works like they should in standard setup and additionally wh

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Computer don't see the Pixhawk

Hi everyone.
Got my Pixhawk but the PC do not see it. When I plugged it in to USB, the Pixhawk seemed to me gets alive, but the PC don't see the device, don't installs any drivers. I tried at two PC's and tree OS (Win 7, 8.1, Linux Mint), Mission Plan

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Some bugs found

Hi to the developers.
I want to share some experience of using the APM Plane system. There are some things I don't like.

Incorrect End Point working of the elevons in the STAB mode and I presume in the other modes too
Video №2 shows.
I have setted up the

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Servo tremor while RFF900 is ON.

Hi community.
I have an issue with my setup and RFD900.
When the RFD900 in ON (27-30 dbi of power) the servos are tremoring and when RFD900 is OFF - all working fine.
Somehow RF noise affects to the servos or servo wires or maybe APM 2.5 and there is

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GPS log issue.

How can I get the logs of the GPS track on the map? Can anyone please help me with this issue. 

I try to get the log and want to see the GPS track via Google Earth but I cant find any. I use the APM 2.5 and the latest software. I download all logs via

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APM 2.5 and 35MHz and 433MHz. RF noise.


Does any one know will the 433MHz LRS works well with the APM 2.5 installed nearby? I mean not very close but on the same model.

The reason why I am asking is that I had an issue with the 35MHz standard radio system and APM 2.5 board which is gi

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