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Safety for Pixhawk powered drones

After my quad got stolen, I started to think if it's possible to implement any sort of software or hardware protection like password lock or something. Do you think it is possible to implement?What I have in mind is a configurable set of values on al

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Hi,I've got this weird problem and hope someone could help me with it.I'm trying to setup APM 2.5 on my Firstar v2 2000. It is a large and heavy plane and requires a lot of space to land as it needs to fly fast to stay in the air.I want to setup crow

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Banggood gimbal lock

Guys, I've got a cheap Chinese brushless gimbal I use with my copter. It works well however I stumbled across a quastion I have no answer to.

Is there any way to "lock" it (one or both axes) as if the camera is directly mounted to the quad? It's all n

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AC3.3.2 issues

Hi all,

I've stumbled across an issue and was wondering if anyone else has seen anything like that.

A bit of a history. I used to have a quad with NTM2836 750kV motors with 1245 props, AFRO 30A ESCs with SimonK and a Pixhawk. It did fly well, however w

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Strange behavior


I have just finished re-building my hexa and on the first flight noticed a very strange behavior (which caused a big crash already).

First, yaw drifts. It happens all the time, and in different directions and with different speed too. I suspect it'

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Weird GPS problems

Hi all,

I'm experiencing some weird problem with GPS.

I have used my APM on a plane with no problems. GPS (MTK one, from Adafruit) is hard-wired (soldered to the board directly).

Now I want to use this APM with GPS on my hexa. Nothing was changed but fi

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