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X8 take-off using catapult

Hi Guys,

Does someone have experience and good results launching X8 with a catapult in Auto take-off mode? I would like to have your feedback and what are your parameters / values used for that aim.

Regards AA

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Issue recognizing .txt files

Hi guys,

I am pretty new using this wounder full app. that I run in my Asus Transformer TF101.  Now in my first steps playing with missions, I prepare them in home using MP suite and save them in my tablet with the same format as in MP. The problem I

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RTL in any case

Reading Arduplane parameters description, we found:

Short failsafe action (ArduPlane:FS_SHORT_ACTN)

The action to take on a short (FS_SHORT_TIMEOUT) failsafe event in AUTO, GUIDED or LOITER modes....

Long failsafe action (ArduPlane:FS_LONG_ACTN)

The acti

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Low Alt Limit

Hi Folks,

First of all let me say that I am really fascinated with Arduplane performance. As a newbie I am following step by step procedure to test each of  fly modes. My next 2 tests  will be AUTO mode  and CRUISE mode, after that I will be comfortab

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Perfect circules doing RTL

In the process to be familiar with Ardupilot I tested today RTL with my Stick 60 E plane. My simple test was the accuracy verification of RTL altitude, RTH speed and Circle radio. I am very happy with Ardupilot performance !!

I have two questions for

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Crash while stabilized mode

Hi Folks,

Today I flew my X8 wing in manual mode to get it perfect trimmed (done). It was flying like a dream. My second step was to change to stabilized mode, but when I switched I noted that plane did not keep level and right wing dropped drasticall

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