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Mission Planner displays GPS status incorrectly

So I've been trying unsuccessfully to interface a secondary GPS NMEA stream to my quad with Pixhawk installed.  Finally I just connected my terminal program directly to Pixhawk and started sending a single GGA message.

Here is a sample message I've be

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Compiling ArduIMU sketch with Arduino 1.0.3

Anyone who uses ArduIMU and tried to upgrade Arduino from 0022 to the current version (anything past 1.0)  discovered that good old firmware that was compiling just fine in the previous versions now throws all kinds of errors.  After doing a quick se

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ArduIMU V3 all axes output wrong values!

I cannot believe that I'm the only one who noticed that!  I would write it off as a faulty device but I've got two brand new once here that produce identical output with the same unmodified firmware (V1.9)

Here is the description of the problem:

1. Ini

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ArduIMU horizontal initialization

When ArduIMU initializes it accepts the horizontal plane to be the plane of initialization.  For example, if I initialize ArduIMU tilted 45 deg in the roll axis it will begin outputting 0 deg roll when it initializes, and will count everything now fr

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