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Flight Mode and GPS Error Codes

Hi, I've made the same post on apm, however no one thought it was interesting enough to read, but I badly need some answers from knowledgeable people so doubling it here: 

Last Sunday crash-finished my 50+ flight with the current setup. Unfortunately

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New power module proposition

Hi everyone! I would like to list two ideas (none novice or mine) which I hope will gain the attention of our community and result in 3dr introducing some new products and functions in the apm code. 

1. 3dr made hall-effect sensor based power module w

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MyFlyDream AAT and APM/Pixhawk

Hi, I am seriously considering building an antenna tracker. However after some research and sourcing all the various parts/bits and pricing it all together I get a really "hacked-together" looking tracking unit for a cost of about ~250usd which also

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tricopter drift in stabilize mode

hey everyone! I am a novice apm copter user coming from KK2.0. I have an rc explorer tricopter which I decided to convert to apm 2.6 piloted drone. However I struggle just to stabilize the copter. for some reason it tends to drift to the left. I trie

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noob question

Hi everyone, I've just finished building a tricopter, put an apm 2.6 with external mag/gps on a self made mast very far from any interference, but close to the CG my apm is directly on the CG. done all the mandatory hardware config, my compass offset

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