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Arducopter Fly-aways: A PSA

I have seen recently a lot of threads about sudden fly-aways occurring on previously rock solid platforms, and I feel it necessary to share my experience. I have an SK-450 quad with Ardupilot 2.5+ that has over 100 flight hours on it currently, and a

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AltHold Baro problems

So, I have to assume there's some code that takes this into account, but I have a problem with the Barometer. I have an SK450 with an APM 2.5+ with 3.0.1. When I'm in alt hold and the copter is not moving, I have no problem with holding altitude, but

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New plane ideas and help, anyone?

I've been working with arduplane/copter for a few months now, and my interest has earned me a project at the college I'm in. Currently, we have a AXN Floater, which is essentially just an easystar with slightly less than one foot taken off the wingsp

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