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Navigation Using Bearing and heading

Hi everyone 

I am currently working on autopilot code for a fixed wing UAV 

I am using flightgear as a simulator and coding in C# .

I am getting heading value from FG wich I believe is the compass value means my current direction and I calculating the b

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Please help

Hi guys 
I am wondering if there is someone can have in idea why mission planner doesn't want to connect with Xplane while I am trying to run a simulation in the loop for a plane .
The error showed up is that Mavlink can not receive heartbeat packets k

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Heartbeat MAvLink missing

Hi all

Please the answer mean the world for me ,I really need help

I am trying to connect Xplane 10 with MP via SITL all went good except that MP gives me the message below .

What 's the problem ? is there any extra files should I add them to MP folder

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Arm/Disarm Problem

Hello everyone 

I am trying to simulate a flight for fixed wings plane in mission planner using JSBSim ,I built my mission and I write it ,all the things went well but my plane doesn't move or do not follow WP ,I checked the parameters I noticed that

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