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Rotowing Design

Hey Guys, 

I'm working on a new project, I call it the rotowing (still working on the name...).

In essence, it's a wing airframe with a VTOL via quad rotor. The back props rotate to provide lift during take off, and forward thrust during flight. 


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Alright.... Still Lost.

A couple of weeks ago I asked how you guys would stabilize and navigate.Chris Anderson said FMA-Copilot and use the rudder to navigateI must say first... FMA rocks, keeps it extremely stable, there might be a tiny amount of elevation loss, but overal

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Q-PCM / Radio

Hey Guys,I'm a High school student working on a UAV with a couple of my buddies. We've got a ultrastick platform that has flown well for us, we've got a 26cc gas engine with the ugliest cowl you've ever seen and a velocity stack turned ram air. We're

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