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boat turn with a "S" tack

I test my boat yesterday, if distance between two points is short, there will be a "S" track. i tuned the following parameters but has no effect.



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how to modify the default ch3 pwm out?

I am building  a boat with ardurover 2.5 and bidirectional ESC. When i power on Pixhawk first , motor will run at high speed before powering RC. i have check the log file and found there is low pwm output with 1000 and think these is the problem. whe

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After updating home location, RTL has error

I have build a boat with arduRover 2.50, when execute the original home location(gps first locked), this was very well. after i change the home location, the boat also return to the original home location,my new home location has no effect.


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two motor with different speed.

hi everyone.

    i build a boat with two bushed motor and brushed ESC( V 2.4.9 firmware was used), when i begin to  push the throttle, one motor work(1),other do not work(3). when the throttle on 1/3 position, two motor both work.

    has anyone encoun

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how to build an RIB??

Our group want to make a RIB (2-3m) with APM/Pixhawk, what type of motor,servo should i prepare, can you give me some  information.   




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