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Swapper Concept Development Issues


                    To put everybody in context, this is the very first idea that I had

                    in mind and since picture worth a thousand words,

                    here is the battery exchanger initial concept:


                   Grabber arms, battery casings, electrical connections

                   and some flip-flop action strategy mechanism.


                   Here’s some interesting development aspects in pictures ……….

                   What we are interested in is to have the incoming VTOL precisely

                   positioning itself so that the SWAPPER does its job.

                  The last 10 inches are the most critical for mechanical final touch down alignment.

                  This is the first concept attempt to mechanically guide de VTOL in place.


                    In this case, the legs are guided by the conical receptacles.


                    And then, the concept evolved to this:



                            Earlier initial mechanical contact with the deck increases

                           the correction capacity.

                           The awaiting charged battery is protected from

                           excessive VTOL derivation on the axes.


                          This is the last evolution of the deck concept that I came with


                           The arrow show the derivation slop.

                           In fact this set up permit a YAW mechanical correction of 90 degrees.

                           I’am ending this first development report with what is coming next.

                          Getting some factual datas on this last 10 inches of

                          pre-landing bumping activity.


                         Some pictures of the testing material:



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VTOL unmaned mobile battery swapper

A DIY DRONES inspired project

           The project officialy start after my first 8 months with DIY DRONES.         

            The chalenge is to design a integrated mechanic, electronic and communication system

           The project development axes are:

                                    1- VTOL on board Battery Swapper System


                        2- Landing Deck  Battery Swapper system


                        3- UGV deck mobility system Rover/Crawler

                                    I will soon start publishing pictures of the work done at this point of time


                                                                                                                                Bernard Michaud



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UGV Rover/Crawler, our project start but ....



After waiting for so long (4 month), we finaly got a good deal on a vehicule that would permit experimentation.

We were looking for volume to accomodate the electronics and possible new hardware (FPV robot arm).

There it is, fresh from the box.....


Then.... we tried to make it move.

Desaster !

Noisy and loose slipping gears so ........ back to the seller.


Will keep you posted

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