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no GPS fix after update ?????????????

Hi , :D

this question was posted a few days ago and I have an aditional concern about the GPS matter.

I updatet the APM 2.5 to Arducopter v.2.8.1 hexa with the GPS connected. Would this erase the data from the GPS too ???????

3DR ublox lea6 GPS:
after tr

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GPS fix. No 3D fix after update

Hi ,
this is a question regarding the 3DR ublox lea6 GPS:
after trying out several things with no success I hope for help from this honorable forum and the experienced members.

About 11 weeks ago I purchased the APM 2.5 FC board and the GPS brand new an

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ublox lea6 back up battery life


this is a question regarding the battery installed on the 3drobotics GPS board:

Recent purchased, the GPS make a fix to the sat's in 10 to 30 seconds.

Now, the board was not used for a while and after hours connected via USB there is still no fix.


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APM 2.5 protection case. A suggestion


just read over your info, that an injection mold for the plastic case for the new APM board is ready.

I have a suggestion: Could you think about to offer these (protective) cases not only in black but also in a transparent option?

I like the color a

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Multicopter (Hexacopter) forum


my name is Bernardo, I'm located since 4 years in Germany. After a long time of reading about multicopter and comparing different brands and options I decided that the flight control and the electronics should be the ArduPilot Mega v. 2.5.

The desi

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