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Old guy lost in Alta , I work in Northern B.C. Got a PhD in Geography in 2002. Studied, teaching and worked at Paris VI, Paris VII and Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau) before moving to Canada in 2009.

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DO NOT ASK ME ANYMORE FOR THE "SFOC FOR THE DUMMIES" DOCUMENT. ASK TO THOSE WHO TOLD ME THEY WERE GOING TO REVIEW IT AND NEVER DID IT. Interested in UAV for a upcoming project including the use of a SAR Radar on a UAV in boreal tundra. Use a Maja, a RQ-11 clone a X8 wing, RVJet and other RC planes to test my autopilots (2x Navio+ (on Rpi/Odroid C1) 3 Pixhawk , 3 APM1, 4 APM2, 1 APM 2.5 and 3 Attopilot, ....) and Fred's micropilots. Got a XQuad but just for fun until I mount a camera to take Aerial Photo on it. Help my friend Fred witch have 2 Penguin B, 2 Micropilot 2128g and 2 Real Time Kinematic GPS and a lot of other Mini UAV. Member of the PennyBelle UAV team.


Paris, France

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Bertrand Duchiron left a comment on Canada
"@William :
For the course check http://pilottraining.ca or http://www.ccuvs.com/ (this last one is more for pro pilot)
For the rules, even the regulators sometimes can't give you the answer to a simple question."
May 18, 2016
Bertrand Duchiron left a comment on Canada
"If you are a drone enthusiastic , an amateur,, a processional, a scientist or if you just have an interest in drone / UAV / RPAS, please consider to join Unmanned system Canada, it's the only one association that can promote and defend your right (p…"
Jan 29, 2015
Bertrand Duchiron left a comment on Techpod Users
"a stupid question about the servos . Do we need 4x hitec HS-65 (ailerons,flaps) and 2x hitech hs-82 (elevator, rudder) or 6 x Micro Servo HS-81?
Depending the page I read on hobbyuav there is 2 different config for the servos:
Apr 2, 2013
Bertrand Duchiron left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"@Daniel :
onglet flight planner,
click droit sur la carte
sous menu Map tool
Sep 14, 2012