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Airspeed goes to zero


I am trying to artificially give airspeed voltage to APM AI0 pin using a Digital to Analog converter. The digital values are coming from JSBsim and are converted to voltage in DAC(0 to 2 volts) which is connected to AI 0 pin on APM 2.5.

When I use

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Airframe for 20+ min Endurance

I want to implement complete APM missions (with Auto Takeoff and Auto Landings) with minimum endurance of 20 minutes. The constraints are:

  • Wing Span                     < 1700 mm
  • Gross weight                  < 1700 g
  • Endurance                      > 20

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UART 2 for Telemetry on APM 2.5

Hello! I need to use UART 2 for telemetry on APM 2.5 so that I can use both USB(multiplexed with UART0) and Xbee telemetry(hopefully on UART 2). I have followed the directions given on the google code page, and this is what I have done.

-Cut the two u

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