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Throttle Rate P value way off

Hello all,

3DR RTF quad, firmware 3.1.5, 880k motors, AC 2.6, payload usually just a go-pro.

Ran a couple of logs through droneshare, just because, and it flagged my THR_RATE_P value as outside norms.  It shows as 0.6 when it should be between 1.0 and

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MP 1.3 changes?

Mission Planner auto-updated to v 1.3 and I see a number of changes:

In flight data view, I don't see the gauges or status tabs, and the actions tab now only has 3 buttons.

It's the same whether I am unconnected, connected via USB or connected via radi

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OSD HUD video in MP jiggles

Hi all,

Newbie here, but so far haven't had any problem I couldn't figure out from just reading and lurking.

Here's the one I can't figure out - I have a 3DR Quad, with the Sony FPV cam and telemetry.  That works fine, plugged it into a TV and looks gr

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