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I'm still confuzed on the power for the board

Hey guys I've fried 2 boards already, first one dunno why. The second time was a stupid impatient error of judgment. Anyways, unlike most of you I have a Nitro engine so no ESC. I'm tired of shorting my board so I want to make sure I understand 100% where my power can come from. I got my board in the mail yesterday, but the back is stamped 1-12-09. It looks like the new ones. I'm not a newbie to electronics, I'm just paranoid now. Thanks
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Hey all I finally took some pictures, nothing really different about my UAV. It will have a police scanner in it is whats in it.Video Tx (25 miles)....slight overkill for the momentO.S LA 40 Engine12v Battery Pack4.8v Battery PackArduPilot (on the way first board went toast)XBee (On the way)Ground SideEndurance RC Tx (Computer joystick to Radio TX)Video ReceiverGE Telemetry (On the way)Internet Video Stream (On the way)Still Image Geo-Referencer (Home grown and proud of it :-D )

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Be Careful with your ArduPilots

Hey guys, I was setting up my autopilot system for my senior thesis "Building a UAV for Remote Sensing and Cartographic Applications" when I guess I burnt it out. No power to the board, including direct power, and yes i switched the jumper. :-(.... The whole board seems toast. I ordered two new boards today. I followed the wiring diagram and all. I'm thinking there was a surge somehow. If you guys have any ideas let me know....P.S. The programers won't even read the board :'-( Take care and keep up the good work...I'll be posting pictures soon
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