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Collection of Graphics?

Is there a page that offers a collection of 3DRobotics and general DIYDrones graphics?  My memory is trying to convince me that there was a page on the wiki that just had a collection of images of all the common components used in an aircraft build (

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First Fully Automated Flight

I made my first fully automated flight with my homemade quadcopter this evening, circling the in-laws' house.  The flight was fully autonomous from takeoff to landing.  A combination of the ArduCopter-3.1 upgrade and many practice flights over the la

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How Do YOU Design Multicopters?

I originally built my quadcopter using someone else's plans.  It flew well, but I quickly found that it "needed" additional equipment (camera gimbal, GoPro, longer landing legs, FPV transmitter, etc.).  These add-ons seem to have pushed the aircraft

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Questions About eCalc

So I decided to play around with eCalc a bit tonight.  I plugged in the parameters of my current quadcopter and hit "calculate" only to find that eCalc says my configuration is no good.  It estimates my hovering throttle to be 88%.  I can say for sur

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Laser Cutting Service

I'd really like to have some pieces laser cut for my quadcopter, but since I'm not willing to plop down several grand for a laser cutter, I'm looking for some options.  Does anyone know of any laser cutting services where, for example, you can upload

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Did I ruin my battery?

I was sitting for quite some time last night playing with APM settings while running my quad off of battery power. I wasn't running motors or anything like that, just the APM and telemetry radio. In retrospect, that was silly. I should have just plug

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