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Tarot X6 build 1855 folding propellers

I am close to the fun bit of my new build but am dismayed that I cannot find any folding propeller to fit the design at 1855. The thought of bolting props onto the beast every time I need to launch does not excite me.

I have read some bad things about

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X6 new build battery discharge question

This is a new problem for me but I am sure the answer lies in the physics of batteries and that one of you can explain it to me.

I have a new X6 build using Pixhawk I have Taranis telemetry working. I have had a few test flights to see how things were

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Shaky video on new X6 build

I know this topic is recurrent but I can't find any relevant discussions to guide me in my quest to resolve this.


I have a new X6 Tarot build. It's flying very well and I finally got the confidence to lift my sony A7II on an home made RCtim

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Sony A7 Infrared codes

I couldn't find any information on how to operate a Sony Alpha A7 over IR from a home made source (arduino for instance) so I reveres engineered the codes and thought I would share.

I have an Airpixel commander and it is perfect for my UAV application

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RCOUT mismatch in static test - HELP

I posted this problem on RCGROUPS but on further investigation I a think my problem is in some setup I missed in mission planner.

I have a new X6 based on Pixhawk. The salient features are:
- Tarot 5008 motors
- 1855 CF props
- Pixhawk 
- Multi-pal 40A OP

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Autotune not updating params.

I have a new build and ran autotune today. I have the tune mode AUTOTUNE_AXIS = 7

I ran Pitch and roll but I had to land before yaw was complete. I left the channel 7 switch which activated auto tune in the "ON" position until I landed and disarmed.


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Storm32 configuration help needed

Firstly let me say that I know what I am doing is perverse but I got here by accident. I feel like I'm close but the STORM32 setup is proving tricky.

My gimbal:
It's actually a 2 axis Tarot servo gimbal but I can't control continuous servos from a Pixh

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Replacing an ESC - help needed.

I bought a 680 pro build from Craigslist and have been upgrading and adding gimbals etc. It has flown a few times and done very well being stable in loiter etc.

Recently, after solving a loose prop issue (solved now) I discovered a bad drive. I say dr

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When is a gimbal not a gimbal?

I am building a hex machine to carry a small DSLR for still photography. I have been working on a 3D gimbal and things are going well. 

In an idle moment the thought struck me "Why do I need a gimbal for still photography?".

Surely I need a camera moun

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Camera trigger / relay output for DSLR

I am using the latest software and an APM 2.8. All I need is the relay out put from APM to go from 0v to 5v when I activate a switch on my remote. I though this would be a piece of cake. Mission planner Arducopter V3.2.1

I am as confused as a

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STROM32 v1.32 cannot connect to the PC

I have a gimbal which had a blown BGC so I decided to upgrade to STORM32. My first step was to connect to the PC using USB. Nothing. 

I looked at the wicki and it suggested that the USB was for show and FTDI was needed. I used the Arduino FTDI hack to

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APM 2.8 landing gear retraction

I can't imagine this is the first time this is come up but I promise I have done my due diligence and searched high and low for an answer.

I wrote too much below so I'll rephrase my long post :

"How does one control retractable landing gear with an APM

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