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ESC component problems.

Hello all!


For a few months now I have been messing around with one of the ESC controllers that came with my 3DR quad.  In the shop the ESC works perfect.  Take it outside and wouldn't work at all. 

1.  Before trying anything I had taken off the heat

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3DR telemetry

I have been throwing around the idea of getting the telemetry.  Would I be able to have all the modes available to use?   So that way I could use two channels off of my radio for the head tracker and then possibly use the channels off of the APM for

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One motor not working sometimes!!!

Hello all,

I have posted about this before and really haven't had a solution.  Once in awhile after I get the computer hooked up to the quad and get things set.  Then I unhook and get the motors going.  One motor will not spin.  I will try a few times

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Changing batteries

If I change from the 3-cell to the 4-cell.  What kinds of problems could I face?  I have a 3dr quad.  I think you would call it the first generation since it came with the apm1.

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Glider controls

I would like to know if anybody has had any luck with using APM1 on a glider?  I am currently working with the FAA to see if they will let me send a glider up with a weather balloon and get it to come back close to me were I could have control over i

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Arduino Uno

I am looking for some cool ideas that I could use with this UNO currently with the APM1 board that is on my 3drquad?  Looking for suggestions.  Please add your feedback.

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Sonar questions.

I have a question with the 3dr quad.  I was out flying a while back and this is something that keeps bothering me.  It was in auto mode.  I have sonar enabled.  When the copter rolls does the sonar think that is is farther from the ground than it rea

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Laser Altimeter

Fuel for the thought. 

I wanted to see if anybody has every wanted to try this. I am not sure how it works but I had read about it and wondered if somebody wanted to try it.

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