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What are end points?

I'm very new to quads and I have been flipping my newly built quad a few times already. When trying to fly for the first time, should I be more concerned about the POTs on my KKboard, or the end points of my transmitter? And my second question is, wh

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Low voltage alarm

This may be a simple question. I have a low voltage alarm that looks like it plugs into my lipo tap. But I see videos of guys soldering them directly to the esc. Is that right? Or is it meant to be plugged into tap?

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Programming an ESC

I asked this question in an assigned category but I received no answer. Maybe someone can give me a little assistance. I bought 4 Hobbypower 30A ESC and I also have a book called "build your own quadcopter" which follows the Elev-8 Quadcopter. I am n

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Hooking up an ESC

i m a noob. I am currently building my own Quadcopter. I am waiting for parts to arrive, and I am looking at these Hobbypower 30A ESC's and I ws wondering if they need to be prepped before I hook them up? What I mean is, I understand that a flight bo

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What battery? [SOLVED]

I have 4 hobbypower motors at 1000kV that draw 4-10 amps. I have a KKmulticopter flight board V5.5, and hobbypower 30A ESCs. I am just curious. If i am thinking correctly, I believe I need at least a battery for a 4000 maH for the motors alone.Correc

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