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APM1/AC2 now no longer starts up fully

Hi all,

My set up worked fine through all the setup process but now simply keeps rotating thru the abc LEDS without Mavlink. It seems to be 'stuck' near the end of code. The GPS gets a lock after about 2 mins. I can load and reload APM code via MP but

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December availability of Quadrocopter?


Do you think there will be quadcotor kits available in early december 2011?

I've beeen following the not available, 30 in stock but esc not in" messages on the add to cart for awhile and now I've calculated that there might only be 7 full kits when

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Any chance of ... on next APM?

Any chance of a 10cm cable on the mini-usb in next APM build version? With it's position I need to pull out the whole 'velcroed' APM each time I want to load or unload.

Also a better mount or a true commercial connector for the telemetry? Mine fall of

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