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Digital Servos and APM2

I have a Y6 running AC2.6 and am using a separate battery (2S/460mAh/25C) to power the APM2.

I've heard that digital servos can draw a lot more current than similarly sized analog servos, but that they provide much tighter control. Is there an issue u

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Power distribution with APM2

Are the gimbal ports (A10 and A11) powered from the inoutmrailmor the output rail? I'm asking because I want to power the APM2 with a separate battery on the input rail (through a 5v BEC) and I'm worried that the camera servos might cause a brown-out

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APM2 GPS Not Working

Hi folks!


I received my APM2 on Friday and I am having an issue with it. Since this board was bought for a new build rather than an existing copter, I have no way of testing it apart from using Mission Planner connected via USB.


All onboard functions

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