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Servo End Point adjustment

I'm trying to limit the throw of the servo so it won't BIND. I can adjust it at my radio, but not to sure that's were it needs to be done at. I've been reading the Parameter setting...say RC3_ Parameters. there are "RC min PWM", RC trim PWM", and "RC

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Nudging the throttle

I'm using ArduPlane 1.73. One question .When in auto mode, I can nudge the throttle. What happens when I go out of TX range. Does it go back to default 45% or will it remain on the nudged setting?



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ArduPlane Wiring Setup

Just smoked my Bixler2 motor and ESC by trying to install APM 2.5 for the first time.

Can anyone help me or direct me to the wiring from the RX to APM to Servos.

This is how it was wired:



APM Input

APM Output

Servos ECT…





Ch 1  >>>

Input 1

Output 1


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Mission Planner 1.2.52 for ArduPlane V2.73

There are different means of measurements in MP

1)      Configuration Tab/Planner, my Dist Unit is Feet, and Speed Units is fps

2)      Flight Planner Tab, my Mouse location/Alt is in Meters and Home Location/Alt (abs) is in Feet, which is MSL = (means

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Heli swashplate leveling??

I feel this question has been asked and answered by I can't find the post.

Still in the testing phase. Trying to setup heli after replacing all three swashplate servos. In the past I have setup the servos in regular heli setup with out the APM. This t

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2 servos burnt up

This is the second time... First time burnt 1 Hitec servo, this time 2 Hitec servos

My setup:

Powering the APM 2.5 from two power sources, both 5v (removed JP2 of course)

Heli: Futaba RX with 3 - Hitec HS 5245 MG for the collective, 1 Futaba S9275 (its

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Assigning Autotrim to CH7 with MP +

   1) I have MP 1.2.35 and can't find where to assign CH7 to Auto-trim. Has it changed to "Save Trim"?

   2) Does any one have a list of Flight Modes for Heli's. I have found them for Planes and Quads

   3) What is 'Toy" Flight Mode?

Thanks, Brian

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Heli Icon

This question might have been asked in the  MP discussion, but pertains to helis. After loading heli firmware, I get a Quad Coter Icon on"Flight Planner". Is there a Heli Icon. I don't rely care, but it might tell me which firmware is installed. That

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APM Mission Planner 1.2.19 mav 1.0

Newbie here,


1) I don't see a "manual mode" setting in Flight Modes pull down box, or is "stabilize" the one to pick?

2) So how do I fly manually?

3) when switching my 3-position switch..

    position 1 is Flight Mode 1

    position 2 is Flight M

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T-Rex 500 with Flybar

I'm looking to buying the APM 2.5 ArduPilot Mega 2.5 w/3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6. Looks like the development for traditional Heli is in the working stage... working on bugs. I'm still interested if will work on a FLYBAR Heli.This is exciting!! Any informat

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