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PixHawk Out of Box Problems

Yesterday I received the PixHawk I ordered on January 2nd.  Four week delivery time is pretty good for a new FC from 3DR!

But I've had all kinds of problems trying to use it. First I tried using the USB connection to a Mac (running OSX 10.9.1) and alt

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Interpreting Log File Fields

I have a question about two fields in the on-board log files :  

1) How do you interrupt the time in the GPS field.  It doesn't seem to be NMEA or time-since-epoch.

2) Is there an enumeration of the I2CErr values in the PM log record?


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Maiden Flight - Flight Mode Weirdness

I maidened my Bixler today with an APM2 running flight software 2.74b and had a couple issues.  The setup is running an external uBlox GPS and 3DR Telemetry radios.  I've got APMs on two multicopters, but this is my first time using it on a fixed win

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Can't Reverse Aileron and Rudder

I must be doing something stupid - I can not get my aileron and rudder directions set correctly.  I've searched the forums for similar problems, but haven't seen any solutions with recent releases of the hardware (without DIP switches).

I'm using an A

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Upload succeeded but verify failed....

I recently purchased an APM2 and have been trying to upload the latest firmware to it. When I do, I get this error:

Upload succeeded but verify failed: exp C got 14 at 0

I've had the same problem using 3 different USB cables and on 2 different computer

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Planner Voice in Your Pocket

If you're like me, while you're flying you tend to stick close to your ground station running Mission Planner so you can hear the voice updates.  It's nice to know which waypoint you're currently heading to for example.

Well, it dawned on me yesterday

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Release Notes?

Is there a place to look at the changes in the latest release?  I often get the update notice, but always wonder just what's changing.

Short of that, is there a check-in comment stream on the source code?


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Anyone using AttoPilot?

I just added an AttoPilot to my setup, mainly to monitor current consumption.  Has anyone else done this?

In MP, all I see is 0 current consumption, no matter how much load I put on the circuit.  When I use a DMM to measure the signal coming from the

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Creating waypoints in Flight Planner

I have a weird question - is there a trick for creating waypoints in the Flight Planner with a mouse click? Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't'.  When it doesn't, I need to quit the application and restart it, then it sometimes works.

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