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Anyone have this experience in AC-3.1

I just upgrade my quadcopter to AC-3.1 yesterday. All tunes were done. It's quite stable flight, but sometime in stable mode the elevation of the copter was decrease 1-2 meter suddenly and return to stable. During the flight, I did switch to Autotune

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Longer flight setup

I'm wondering how the arducopter can flight for over 30 mins! My one can flight for 10 mins only and would like to design a arducopter which can flight more than 15mins. As below is my arducopter setup:


Mode: Hexa

Motor distance: 550mm

Motor kv: 660


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Setup of CHDK

I want to ask what is your setting of using CHDK? What setting did you use for taking a vertical static images? eg ISO, shutter speed... etc. I using quadcopter apm 2.5.I taken some picture, but it was blur.

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