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Testing SF11 altimeter over soybean

This short video shows a very low fly over soybean during harvest, the copter is in Pos Hold so altitude is controlled by the SF11,

it was a windy day so the copter flies diagonally to wind and I don't use gimbal for my task (less flying time) 

It's in

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Now We have a DONATE button :)

A few weeks ago I open instructions again for my new build and I found that a discrete DONATE button appears without any announces so, if someone that want to contribute with developers but is not reading instructions, now the button is there :) ; pe

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Building a Robocat piloted by a Pixracer

Before collecting all things to build my racer I start the task :)

The worse task is to find how to fit all this things in a little frame, Gervais build help me a lot.

3691302198?profile=originalAssembling first the motors, Scorpion 2205 2350 kv (easy to find their place)

3691302471?profile=originalThen th

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Home page and mails aren´t working

During last two days HOME page is not working for me

500: Unexpected Error

Please try reloading the page or hitting the browser's Back button to return to where you came from.

Alert mails aren't working too for me, I send some messages but not shure if

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