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Pixhawk and external compass, not compatible?

I'm trying to change the APM to a Pixhawk on my copter, I have a gps and external compass so I didn't ask for a combine one, I was reading instructions and see that says that ext compass isn't compatible with Pix but the two ones are 3.3? It's not po

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Better place for an ext compass?

I put an ext compass to my APM on the tall gps mast under the gps but I can move a little from side to side with my hand; that it can affect compass? where or how is the best place to fix it?, time to time the copter yaw a little I'm not shure if it

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Offline maps check mark is reversed?


like photo works on line maps and when uncheck works offline maps.

To use Just load all the maps while on wifi then they will be used next time your not on wifi. (R Kennedy)

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Tower and airplanes?

Is someone flying planes  with Tower here? Yesterday I used for the first time and notice that altitude is over sea level, anyone know how to change to relative alt from take off?

Anyone try missions with airplane and Tower? any consideration?

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Periodic status speech (for newbies)

When you are used to listen your tablet/phone, if you forgot, you feel the lack of something ;)

If you want to listen your status periodically go to SETTINGS-USER INTERFACE-SPEECH OUTPUT-Periodic status-choose how many seconds you want to listen and w

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Hidden buttons :spline WP, Survey, circle, etc,

You can find some functions hidden behind the EDIT buttons page like spline, circle, Land, region of interest,structure scanner, Survey

3691206679?profile=originalWhen you are in editor page, click the first icon and maintain clicked for few seconds, a new menu appears with dif

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How to find Tlogs and see your track in Tower

In DP you find easy logs in Log folder but if you like Tlogs in Tower you have to look here

Equipo\Nexus 7\Internal storage\Android\data\\files\tlogs\

(this is repeated from arducopter group but

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