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Crash due to motor/esc failure?


Could someone please look at my dataflash logs? My first impression was that the crash was caused by an ESC/motor failure of the pair off channel 1 due to Arducopter maxing out channel 1. But after bench testing all motors/ESCs it appears that the

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Is this a stall spin?

I think what I am experiencing is called a stall spin. This happened in auto mode while the plane was heading to a WP when the plan starts spinning in a very tight loop and drops altitude. I had the sun in my eyes and could not spot the plane and tha

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Beginner with autotune problems


I finished my new airframe which is much better suited to the extra hardware required for a UAV than my previous attempt. I was successful launching, flying and landing in manual mode. My goal was to autotune, however I must still have something

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