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2014 3DR quad issue?

I am hoping someone could maybe give me a few ideas on some problems I have been having with my new build:

2014 3DR Quad Frame Kit
3DR APM 2.5 w/external compass/gps (trace cut on APM board)
3DR 880Kv black motors
QBrain 4x20A ESC (all calibrated)
4S 5200

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3DR 2014 Quad frame kit PID Settings?


I've been searching around the forums and I am still stuck with something I could really use some help with.

The APM I am using came off of an old 3DR quad and I did try the PID settings without any luck.

Recently I bought one of these 3DR DIY kits

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Trying to get stable hover mid-stick


I recently built a Hoverthings Flip FPV quad that is using the APM2.5 (v3.01)with the external mag/compass. The specs on this build are:

Tiger Motor MN 3110-26 470KV 3-6s Motors
Tiger Motor 30A Pro 400hz OPTO 2-6s esc's
Tiger Motor Carbon Fiber 10x4

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different mounting plates for 3DR quad?

I tried using the search function for this forum but it didn't give any results. I am trying to figure out if I can order the different 3dr quad plates, the ones that come with the pre-built 3dr quad are what I am looking for.

I purchased the 3DR quad

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