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Operation Overkill - ArduCopter, input appreciated :)

Let me just start saying that I like overkill on just about every project i do but i also am frugal as hell and need to keep costs down, i know so counter productive to someone who likes overkill HEHE.

Next problem i live in the caribbean, it has some advantages, like i can probably fly my uav just about anywhere and no one will say sh*t, and frequency use ... well... the local "FCC" is a joke, so i dont really need any ham licenses etc for running alternate frequencies are far as i can tell here.

Now the negative of being in the caribbean, their are 0 rc shops on island so everything is ordered from the US, so theirs no real "opps ordered the wrong thing" i have to get it right the first time around or else shipping will kill me.

I havent flown RC in a very very long time, and even then it was my dad's boats which clocked in at 70mph on water which was always impressive... But never really flew a plane, i am however a quick study.

Anyway thats enough intro to who i am, onward to Operation Overkill!

Operation Overkill Mission Plan: To build a "heavy lift" RC QuadCopter utilizing opensource hardware/software.

Operation Overkill Success Goals
1: Ability to manually fly using FPV
2: Ability to autonavigate way points for geophotomapping
3: Capable of 15-20 minutes of sustained flight fully loaded with hardware
4: Able to aim and trigger a high quality camera.
5: Stable flight and video recording for video work.
6. Total flight product under 800$

Operation Overkill Hardware
--- Basic Brains ---
1x ArduPilot-Mega - $60.00
1x ArduPilot-Mega IMU - $160.00
1x MediaTek MT3329 GPS 10Hz + Adapter - $40.00
1x HMC5843 - Triple Axis Magnetometer - $45.00

--- Power Plant ---
1x TrueRC 11.1V 8000mAh Li-polymer Battery 10c = 565grams - $110
4x X2217/08 Outrunner hangit rc 18 amps max - 32$*4 - $128
4x 3.17mm Prop Saver w/ Adapter & 3 bands 4x $2.99 = $12

*** I've read that the TrueRC batteries are awesome and cheap, the hangitrc motor had the highest thrust i could find in such a small package and low price, 32$, 70 gram unit, and 1150grams of thrust with the 10x5 e prop, although i'm having issues finding the APC e prop for CCW or am i missing something? the prop savers, i dont know if they are really designed to work with 10x5 props but as i said i dont wanna be ordering new props every week given where i live any experience with prop savers on quads with bigger rotors?

--- OSD/Telemetry ---
*** I'm still not sure what to do here, i wanted a good OSD but the one i saw that works with ardupilot forces use of a smaller gps module from what i saw and i want high gps reliability for when its on autopilot... The alternative is xbee pro for telemetry and just a standard ccd with broadcaster without an osd... any input here would be great.

--- TX/RX ---
1x Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware) - $70

--- Camera Hardware ---
*** I'm still researching how best to integrate/mount/trigger a camera using ardupilot mega, as i'd like to have some form of camera stabilizer mount below that i can rotate and turn that would also hold the osd camera that way i could actively see what i'm aiming the high def camera at, switch on hover, aim the cameras and trigger a nice snap shot fromt he air... Or program waypoints (once thats available) point the cameras straight down and do geophotos, tips and suggestions are welcome.

--- Airframe ---
To start i'm looking to get some metal towel rods for arms, and hopefully will be able to find some teflon/rubber washers so that i can pressure mount the motors onto the rods instead of drilling them... the plates for the electronics, i'm considering trying to find some flat plastic boards and then covering the contact points with the electronics with a little bit of rubber to reduce vibration on the electronics even further.

This setup would primarily be used for just testing and getting the hang of the unit i eventually want to get a unit from Jakub or maybe build out a carbon fiber frame once i'm sure of my hardware that will handle a camera mount

-------------------END OF HARDWARE---------------------

Price wise I'm at 630$ and i'm missing the camera, airframe, telemetry and radio.... wow i don't think im gonna make that 800$ goal.

The way i see it at max thrust the engine and prop combo can put out 4600grams of thrust. I don't really want to be using that much as i'll drain even the 8000mah battery in what, 5-6 minutes so i should be looking to keep the total load at about half that 2300grams, right? That way i can maximize battery availability by not having to run the motors hard ever.

280grams motor + 570 grams battery + 400 grams for the airframe worst case + 200 grams of circuit boards (i have no idea how much the ardu pilot stuff weights along with the radio and telemetry) + 100 grams esc

That would bring me to 1550grams allowing me to lug a camera of up to a 1kg without stressing the engines or battery... i kinda wish i cud get my non-payload weight down some.

Anyone see where i could save some cash? Or alternatives for the above hardware? Holes in my logic etc would all be appreciated greatly.

Wow is it just me or is 40.7oz * 4 - 1450 grams airframe mean i could lift a 7 pound baby? lol Not that i would LOL
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