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Eurgle/Turnigy/FlySky 9x Upgrades

There is plenty of info on modding the 9x Radio to make it better, I dont intend to tell people how to do it, only how easy it is to make the changes and show some photo's of the things i have added/changed.

3689459765?profile=originalThe easiest addon was the balancing thing for the neck strap, makes it nice and level, and so much easier to fly because you are moving the sticks instead of holding the remote!

The kick stand is great when at home programming or playing on the sim, saves the cables getting bent etc. It clamps onto the handle on the back, and doesnt get in the way at all (even when removing the screws to get inside)

3689459747?profile=originalThe next picture was the first mod I made, the 6 Position switch. Not really needed and I wish I hadn't done it now, I would use the 3 pos switch and the 2 pos switch mix thing thats descibed very well in the forums. Having said that, it is an easy mod and works well, I cheated a bit and used 5x 1K resistors and just use a curve to get the right points in MP

3689459788?profile=originalWith the original RX I had a few problems, very intermittant, and only when banking left... spot the tiny ball of solder that shorts 2 pins on the IC in the RX module, it actually rolls back and forward under there. It very briefly connects channel 3 and 4 which I think must screw up the APM and cause a sudden crash! Removing the ball fixed the problem

3689459676?profile=original3689459865?profile=originalThe standard transmitter and receiver are a bit of a let down, and I want the best of the best! So the FrSKY DJT combo was ordered along with the FrSKYLite thingy bob for RS232 voltage level shifting. I added the FrSKYLite inside the TX module and used 2 spare pins in the rear connector so there is no extra hloes needed in the case. also used the 5V and ground pins from the outside connector. There is also a 4K7 resistor on one line (under the heat shrink) I dont know what its for but it was in a circuit diagram I followed.


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