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Octo Coax Motor test

Hi all,

I've just upgraded my quad to a OctaQuad. I've set the Frame_Config to Octa_Quad_Frame in the APM_Config.h file and compiled and uploaded using Arduino with relax patch etc. etc.

All motors appear to work normally, rotations are all set correct

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Ardustation and DGPS

Is it possible that we could hack in a gps module to the ardustation, then put it in a known spot (look at google maps and get a reference point/co-odinates) and transmit the difference between GPS position and actual position to the arducopter via X

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Sonar Noise

I know this is discussed in many places with lots of different solutions

I have

1) resistor / capacitor as per the instructions

2) APM, RC receiver, sonar, Xbee etc powered from a seperate 6A BEC

3) tightly twisted wires to reduce noise

4) mounted on the

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Feature request - Optical Flow


I dont fully understand the whole process of loading .pde files and flashing them to the APM. All seems too complicated and i keep getting various errors.

would it be possible to have a button or something on the firmware tab of mission planner tha

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yaw doing 360's in mission planner

Hi all,

I've been trying to work out whats going on with my quad.

APM1, 180A atto volt current sensor, 880KV motors, mystery 30A ESC's, optical flow, sonar, 9x 2.4ghz radio, 900mhz XBee, 1.2ghz video tx

Yaw (Compass) was doing 360's and artificial horiz

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