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TriCopter for Ag Survey Work

My new TriCopter made its first long-duration test flight today, fully autonomous.  Using APM2.8, ArduCopter 3.2.1, APM Planner2 on linux.  It flew the same 15 minute mission repeatedly until the battery got low.  After letting the battery recover fo

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All Aluminum 600-class QuadRotor

After several weeks I finally got my new all-aluminum frame 605mm quad-rotor flying.  Ran it thru it's basic flight tests and PID tuning.  And ran an endurance flight test with mixed flight modes, and not just in hover.  I got 31 minutes 14 seconds f

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Old Firmware Archives for APM2.5

Does anybody know where the old firmware archives are located for the APM2.5 controllers, prior to the last supported version, which is apparently 3.2.1?  I got my new quad flying today with 3.2.1 on a APM2.5 board, and that firmware has more bugs th

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Sources for Hardware

This may be an uninformed question, and if it is please forgive me for being somewhat new here.  New, as in the very first post.

I've been flying a DJI product for aerial mapping, and while the hardware and software has been excellent, the quad-rotor

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