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X8 C of G

Can anyone tell me what the limit is for moving the C of G forward on the X8.

I have retracts - they are mounted so that they fold forward and obviously the C of G moves forward when they fold up. I'm trying to work out what the best compromise betwee

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APM2.5 Nose Wheel Control on Take Off


I've built an X8 with retracts, my Apm 2.5 is set up for elevon mixing and my left horizontal transmitter stick controls the nose wheel steering (rc channel 4). Am I going to be able to set the autopilot up to control the nose wheel during auto tak

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OSD General Question

Hi I'm newbie here.

Wondering if the Mavlink mission planner software is open source and what it was written in for Windows.

I have a daft idea about porting it to run on an embedded linux system. Running the linux system in the air - controllable from

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